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for calming & centering...

apologies! links broke when website server was relocated, not at my choice.

please look up these life changing influences in my life...  

teachers & leaders

e nina jay


Thais Sky


Melanie Dewberry


Resmaa Menakem


Mark Silver


Gil Headly


Jessamyn Stanley


Desiree Adaway 


genesis ripley


Amber Karnes


Dianne Bondy


Prentis Hemphill


Brené Brown


Sonya Renee Taylor


Staci Jordan Shelton


Desireé B. Stephens


Erika Hines




Heather Plett


Steven Washington


Simone Grace Seol


An eternity of thanks to these beings as well as

Goldean Gibbs, Earle Timberlake, Carrie Radzik, Kim Fischer,

Jayne Culloo, Lou Peters, Candy Rose-Lucas & so many others

for their/your roles in my learning & unlearning. 

additional resources

SURJ - Showing up for ​Racial Justice


Bureau of Tactical Imagination


American Massage Therapy Association


Community Deathcare Library

Anti-Racism Daily


Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals


International Center for Reiki Training 


Healing in America


National Alliance on Mental Illness


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Ohio Homebirth: Midwifery Care


Cincinnati Family Acupuncture

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