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Currently residing in Loveland, Ohio... homelands of the Hopewell, Adena, Myaamia (Miami), Shawandasse Tula (Shawanwaki/Shawnee), and Wazhazhe Maⁿzhaⁿ (Osage) peoples... practicing humility and grace with all of us humans. 


Spent much of my life in Ohio and I've been playing with colors, painting walls, creating art & sanctuary since I was a young child. When I was about 6, I got the chicken pox AND my first needlepoint project. When I was 11, we built our first house and I helped clear the trees, stain the woodwork and cut the floor tiles. When I was 17, I was allowed to paint my room any color(s) I wanted and each wall was a different color. When I was 23, I grew & dried my first herbs. 


We moved about 10 times before I was 18, and I've moved many more since then... running from and to... ME.  ALWAYS connecting with plants & animals more than inside any church... although I like some aspects of religions, including the Catholicism I'm still recovering from.  I'm old enough to use 2 spaces after a period and young enough to stretch my love of language consistently. The pandemic finally brought me home to family roots... in Clermont County, Ohio. Each year since, I've expanded our gardens... and have no plans to relocate again.

Along the way, eye have been blessed with teachers, preachers & counselors who've helped me unpack & unlearn so many things.  AND I've been continually called into teaching/training... it's happened in EVERY field I've worked in. I created & implemented effective training programs in hospitality, horticulture & massage. I've led workshops, seminars & retreats, speaking to a wide variety of people... from one to hundreds at a time.


I spent 10+ years teaching massage therapy students... mostly ethics & techniques, also marketing & anatomy. Yep, I've made mistakes... learned & grown. Continue to do so. That's called being human. My daily practices keep me digging in & shining light on myself. And helping you do so too.  

These days I work with clients in a variety of ways... including bodywork, consulting, creating, speaking & facilitating. Since 2011, I've officiated weddings, funerals, home blessings & life celebrations.... large & small. 

Some of my favorite things...

witnessing "lightbulb moments" of awareness/learning/clarity

helping folks be more flexible & feel better

hearing stories of healing & love

sharing laughs & learnings  

playing with color




Some things clients say...

"You helped me more in 1 hour than 10 years of therapy!"

"It is because of you that the changes that may have seemed unreachable

and invisible are now viewable and within my grasp."

"You motivate me to speak about this."


"Thank you for that massage - it really helped with the pain I was experiencing."

"I just want to let you know I am feeling almost 99% back to normal today.

You rock! Thank you soooo much!"

"Thank you for the wonderful massage this morning. I'd also like to thank you

for connecting with me in a very deep and meaningful way. I am very grateful."

"I'm not sure why I scheduled, just felt like a needed a mental tune-up.

You're an important member of my mind-body-soul support team." 

"Can you just mind-massage me again?"

"Your lovely words landed on a soft needing spot. Thank you."

"You have helped me open my eyes."

diane & mom

why massage?

A common question is, How did you get into massage therapy?


I half-jokingly tell people that I was smacked upside the head and told this is what’s next. It was pretty much like that, after all. I was definitely looking for a new career after a decade in horticulture. Massage therapy came out of the blue. I’d had one professional massage in my life at that time.


…people laughed. …made sex jokes. …shook their heads.


‘What are you doing now, Diane?’, my family members would ask (often with disdain, or at least, that’s how I interpreted it). Friends were somewhat more supportive. Disclaimer: My mother was always supportive of my decision. She knew it would be good for me. Thanks, Mom. I love you.


Seriously though, I was truly led (or called) into massage therapy. It was just suddenly very clear that this was what I was meant to do next. Or at least consider it. So I went to an open house at AIAM… It seemed like a good fit, and within a few weeks I was a massage therapy student. With NO clue. No idea that massage school wasn’t just another course of study. No clue that it would become a way of being in the world. No idea that I would end up in massage education. It makes sense when I look back: I’ve always been training people and developing programs for that purpose. The helping people and making them feel better always made sense.


Massage has taught me SO many things. I would never have dreamed that it could be such a powerful healing tool. That it could help me find and create such a vast community. That it would provide me with so many blessings.


I have mentioned many times times how much I love working with my clients and students. Helping them to find themselves and feel their bodies, helping them to move easier, feel better, learn more, live better. Massage does all that. For them. And for me.


I’m not just a massage therapist, I’m a massage client and advocate, too.


So, why massage? Why not? It’s not just a career, it’s an adventure!


Be Love, Diane


Feed your spirit, feed your health.

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