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  • i adore hashtags

  • lived thru a bunch of hard stuff

  • tried & failed a bunch of things

  • tried & succeed a bunch of things

  • was a nice, mostly quiet girl

  • spent decades squelching myself & being mired in toxic patterns

  • spent decades in & out of therapy, 12-step programs, source

  • continue to fail forward and find more of me as eye surf the waves of life

  • eye love loving us (hoomons) and look forward to getting to know you better through conversations

workshops | circles | retreats

energy medicine

Everything is energy. Here we explore that idea, play with energy balls, discuss our energetic bodies and touchpoints/chakras, practice healing techniques.


mind massage

Not your average meditation. This is a practice of showing up in ways that invite us to slow down, lean in, listen. Wherever we are, however we can.                    


our bodies, our cells

Given all the things, it can be hard to stay present. Sometimes we freeze, fight, fawn or flee. Here we talk about the ways we can feel trapped in, or disconnected from our bodies. discussion topics include: racialized identities, gender expression & presentation, vari-ability, abuse, addiction, competition & rape culture.


soul circles

In these talking, listening & movement circles, we connect to our inner selves. shine light on shadow, practice grace & compassion, lean into the current, tap into trust, play, wiggle & laugh.


showing up us

What does it mean to show up as fully as possible as you? me? us? It can be vulnerable, inspiring, empowering, scary, exciting, life changing, and so much more. This session is designed to foster meaningful conversations about dismantling systemic oppression, particularly focusing on topics such as: white privilege and white supremacy, modern forms of violent patriarchy, and how to stay connected with each other even when harm happens. 


touch for one

Sometimes it’s just you, and that’s okay, because you are more than enough. Let’s lean into that idea and discuss & practice therapeutic massage techniques for self-care, emotional regulation, pain management.          


touch for families

Parents/caregivers/family members learn how to use presence, positive touch & massage techniques to connect with children, increase relaxation, and improve communication. children practice bodily autonomy, learn positive touch & massage techniques to connect with loved ones.

touch for teams

An out of the box teambuilder, this discussion & practice of therapeutic massage techniques improves communication, camaraderie & connection.


white people work

Join us to practice understanding our dominant identities and practice the different choices we can make as white and white-adjacent people. even if we don’t want it, our whiteness is a real factor in where we fit in and participate in culture. By design, we, as white people, uphold white supremacy without even doing anything, without ever even naming our whiteness. Many of us have the tendency to identify with our marginalized identities (women, queer, poor, disabled, jewish) and not pay attention to our dominant identities (cis, able-bodied, white, christian / christian-adjacent). 


In this space, we are going to practice understanding and tending to the special tasks and responsibilities we carry from our dominant identities, with particular attention to race -- white. this doesn’t mean that we don’t honor the marginalized pieces as well -- of course we do -- we are here as people who want to heal from the harm done living as people who are targeted by a culture of misogyny and patriarchy. It DOES mean that during this time, we’re focusing on our dominant identity as people who benefit from systems of racial hierarchy. 

about this work


Each event is customized to best fit your group/team/family’s needs at the time, including topics, techniques & time frame.

Investment is $140 per hour per facilitator. 

For equity pricing or pay-it-forward opportunities, contact Diane directly.

Body-Mind-Soul, De-Colonizing, Re-Indigenizing, Re-Matriating work is for everyone, wherever you are in your journey. Touch, community & connection are necessary for life. Maybe you’ve had a handful of these conversations, maybe you are a seasoned facilitator of this work (we want your insights), maybe this is your first time (welcome!) …


We’ll practice tools for staying present, noticing & tending to our own nervous systems, and approaches to active listening and compassionate conversation. We encourage empathy, mutual respect, and active listening, serving as a catalyst for personal growth, collective learning, and the pursuit of a more just and equitable society. It is important to also acknowledge that not everyone in our community is afforded the same privilege. If you are given the gift of feedback that something you said or did has impacted someone negatively, aim to center the experience of the person harmed, especially when they are BIPOC, trans, and/or other identity or ability status that is subject to oppression.

Utilize the CPR Reparative Model*–


Calm Yourself, Practice Humility and Repair.


*Created by Kira Manser, Jaymie Campbell & Shannon Crintini (geared towards racial microaggressions but applicable for all identity difference)



 Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT
740.972.8069 │
feed your spirit, feed your health
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