Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT - agitator | educator | facilitator
What Clients Say...
"My expectations were not only met, but even exceeded
as far as how I felt afterward.  I enjoyed the relief
from aches and pains I had been having for months!"  ~ Tressa
"I was nearly immobile when I first saw Diane, and 45 minutes later
 I was (almost!) as good as new!" ~ Betty
"I was able to completely relax and enjoy my experience due to the professionalism and thoughtfulness of Diane." ~ Heather
"Although the massage felt good and I could feel 
the pressure points as Diane worked, the best part was how relaxed and comfortable my body felt after the massage."  ~ Michelle
“Diane is a fabulous massage therapist with a kind and generous spirit. I have worked with her as co-worker, therapist, and friend. I love her office environment and would recommend her to anyone looking to relax in a gentle, healing space.” ~ Carol
"Diane has a calming personality and a great touch. She makes time for her clients and I never feel rushed. I would recommend her in a second!" ~ Dee
"I felt truly relaxed after she completed working on me."  ~ Walter 
 "Diane instructs with patience and a style of direction that is easy to follow… she makes learning fun!"  ~ Sheryl
"It saved our marriage. These (relaxation massage) classes should be required for any couple."  ~ Beth
"Diane is very in tune to where the body & spirit meet.  
The hot stones are wonderful - combination of the heat, oil and massage soaked into my muscles.  I enjoy the attention to my areas of need, as well as the relaxing & peaceful atmosphere." ~ Kathy
“Diane Fisher is a wonderful massage therapist with a quaint little office space. She is gentle but firm, and I felt a lot better when I left her office! You should give her a try!”  ~ Kimberly
“Diane gives a wonderful massage! I was moved to that deep quiet place where true healing occurs by a gifted, soft spoken, generous and genuine healer. I recommend her highly.”  ~Maggie
by appointment only
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