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  • i adore hashtags

  • lived thru a bunch of hard stuff

  • tried & failed a bunch of things

  • tried & succeed a bunch of things

  • was a nice, mostly quiet girl

  • spent decades squelching myself & being mired in toxic patterns

  • spent decades in & out of therapy, 12-step programs, source

  • continue to fail forward and find more of me as eye journey

  • eye love loving us (hoomons) and look forward to getting to know you better through conversations

current offerings

crafts, coloring & collusion 

Why collusion? To quote John Lewis: “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America."

There’s crayons, markers, pencils & a variety of coloring books. Color in or outside the lines or simply be with us in communion.

As for crafts, you can bring your own project/idea or here are a few options at the ready...

  • make greeting card(s)

  • paint mask/canvas

  • decoupage collage box

  • sew fingerless gloves

  • random make it projects

There’s filtered water, tea, random/tbd fluids & snacks. You’re welcome to bring nothing or something.  

Investment: $33/$11/$3

3rd Wednesdays 7-9p, RSVP BY 3rd TUESDAY. Online available.

RSVP / ??? Text CRAFTS to 740.972.8069  

walk & talk (walking NOT required)

Not therapy. Not a 12-step program. Not church. Not school. 

More like a listening ear. Wisdom to guide you home to your soul, your heart, your body, Tips & reminders to help you stay afloat. Skills to improve your balance, flexibility & grace.

Investment: $88

Days & hours are flexible. Online available. 

SCHEDULE / ??? Text TALK to 740.972.8069 

grief & gardening

A life lived comes with experiences of grief, sadness, depression... some quite prolonged. Broken hearts are real things. And getting older is no joke. The longer we stay alive, the more grief we experience. 

Join us in community as we talk about our journeys moving through and being in/with grief. Nature is always out guide and so we will have plant fun, explorations & education along the way.

Investment: varies

Events will change like the weather.  Online & individual sessions available.

FOR INFO Text GRIEF to 740.972.8069

play, poetry & prose


bring your own or credit the author, no voyeurs. 

share with us 

words strung together 

in one form or other

Investment: $33/$11/$3

1st Thursdays 7-9p, RSVP BY 1st WEDNESDAY. Online available.

RSVP / ??? Text WORDS to 740.972.8069  


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