Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT - agitator | educator | facilitator

Central Ohio Practitioners

This is a very short list of the excellent practitioners in the central Ohio area. If you don't find a good fit here, feel free to contact me and we will try to find you someone. I'm all about helping us to connect.

For Massage Therapy referrals contact me directly. 
Ohio Homebirth Offers Personalized Care for Childbearing Women

Chiropractic care is the core and where we begin your path to health. In conjunction with chiropractic care we incorporate other services to help you become whole, happy and healthy.
We all believe strongly in acupuncture’s place in healthcare, and we want it to be affordable for everyone.

"Ellen’s mission is to promote personal growth and transformation, and to motivate and facilitate her clients to find and express their true Self."

Arts & More
Wholly Craft
"Take the time to read aloud to your child today!"
Quilt Surface Design Symposium ~ "For today's quilters and tomorrow's artists" 

Change Agents

Helping leaders create real and lasting change in the world.

Performance Consultant | Breaker of Chains | Alchemist | Oracle 
Paradigm Shifter | Building Altars

Soul Guide. Shadow Diver. Spiritual Teacher. Helping women move from self-actualized to soul-powered.

We know that business can be a healing presence in the world. It rarely is, but it can be. We're part of wanting to increase the ratio of healing business over miserable damaging business.

Where diversity is an asset & leaders at every level drive success.


Consent Culture Radical, Educator and Consultant
Dissident, Artist and Transgressive Story-teller.
Sanctuary in Birth, Sex and Death.

Integrated Behavioral Solutions

Abbess of the Church of St. Felicia, Lioness of Liberation, Black Babe Bombshell, Firebreather, Muva of Mermaids, Kicker of Kyriarchy, Buster of Bullshit, Khaleesi of Chicago, Gythja of the North, Seer-Sorceress of Socialist Shenanigans. 

Massage & Touch
American Bodywork & Massage Professionals
American Massage Therapy Association
State Medical Board of Ohio
Touch Research Institute 
Spiritual Healing 
NFSH Healing in America
The Healing Trust, formerly known as the National Federation of Spiritual Healers 
International Center for Reiki Training
Created by Christians who practice Reiki

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