Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT - agitator | educator | facilitator

Most of my massage therapy clients are looking to move easier and feel better.

Be more active. More engaged in life.
Able to play with the grandkids or run that marathon.

Many are office workers coping with the effects of sitting so much. Some are challenged with chronic pain and headaches, post-surgery issues, trauma and addiction recovery.

Lighter. Peaceful. Energized. 

Clients have used those words to describe how they feel after a session. It is truly a blessing to be able to assist you in being a better you. I am honored.

(If you want to see more of what clients have said, click here.)
It doesn't matter if you're familiar with, or never heard of, massage therapy, energy healing, essential oils.  So you're stressed to the max and can't even slow down long enough to think about meditation. If you're ready to change, ready to take charge of your well-being, ready to feel better & move easier, let's talk. We'll set up a time to meet, and formulate a plan that works for you.

If you are looking to improve your quality of life, consider using these individualized treatment sessions as part of your personal wellness journey.

I work with a diverse range of people, meeting you wherever you are on your journey. Our initial session will include some additional time for discussion of goals & intentions. Together we will arrange a treatment plan that is best suited to your individual needs. 
Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT
3474 N. High Street | Columbus, OH 43214
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