Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT - agitator | educator | facilitator

I have used essential oils for fun & well-being for 25+ years, and first discovered Young Living about a decade ago through colleagues without paying too much attention. At the time, I was learning more about these wonderful gifts from plants and using various brands in my massage practice. Aromatherapy was a natural fit for me with my love for gardening and experience in horticulture.

Fast forward to 2012 when my friend Susan started talking about her experiences with Young Living. Her stories caught my ear and when my girlfriend at the time mentioned her co-workers getting sick again I was like "hell no!" I signed up for a wholesale membership and ordered a Thieves kit to be delivered overnight! Susan saw that I had done it on my own and helped me change it to an essential rewards kit so that I could get the ER benefits on that order. I fell in love with the products and have been on essential rewards ever since. By the way, in the 5+ years since starting with Thieves, she's only been sick once... a HUGE difference! 

With the pleasure of meeting Gary and hearing him speak, came a knowing that this is a company I can work with long term. His knowledge of the oils, his passion for earth and people, his faith... all palpable in his words. I know that even where we would disagree, we can find common connections in those three things, and in the Seed to Seal standard of quality.

Essential oils have played an important role in the care of my emotional & physical health, and for many folx I know. Often, and especially during Ohio winters I include Gary Young's Great Day Protocol in my morning ritual, and it makes SUCH a difference! I've learned a lot about essential oils along the way and love there's always so much more to learn.... one place to find out what's being researched is PubMed.

My mom became an ER member just after I did and we spent the next few months pouring over resources together, amazed at what we were reading. After been having fed so much fear about Aromatherapy throughout my massage education and career, this was a truly liberating journey for me. Learning about labeling laws, how essential oils have been used historically and in France has been eye-opening and inspiring. 

Although both mom & I had gotten involved with direct sales / multi-level marketing companies before, neither was focused on a YL business. It was simply not on our radar. We genuinely love the products, and became what some affectionately call "oil junkies" in the Peppermint Beach Club. Then it happened. Thank You's starting coming from Young Living in the form of credits and checks. Now I'm a Silver with 225 members in my organization across 20 states. And no, I don't sell oils. 

I educate you and enable to you decide what's best for you and your family. Whether we're talking about essential oils, massage therapy or any number of other tools I suggest, it's the same. I share what I learn, and you choose what to believe and do. Take what you want and leave the rest. 

You select your level of participation: retail customer, wholesale member or essential rewards member. You choose the products you want. They are shipped directly to you, avoiding the middle-road stop. You decide if they serve you the way that you need. You share if you want. Whatever works for you.

What do you want?


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