Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT - agitator | educator | facilitator

Diane Lynne Fisher
agitator | educator | facilitator

Recently I ordered some 
new business cards, or contact cards, as I'm going 
to start calling them.  Some years ago a friend and favorite photographer, 
Andi Roberts turned me on 
to Moo and I finally ordered some from there. They are 
all my own photos and I'm really freakin' stoked! 

and yeah... that's when agitator happened.

What do I mean happened? 
As I was typing, the word simply showed up.  

Folx have all sorts of responses. Some love it immediately. Some cringe and begin to settle in. Some are totally turned off. All are perfectly acceptable reactions. It's not a word I've used much before, and certainly upon first glance doesn't match nice, peaceful, and massage... all of which are things folx generally connect with me. And yet, it fits. very well.  

agitator = wave maker

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, State Medical Board of Ohio license #12863, certified Neuro-Muscular Therapist, Ordained Minister, and certified member of the Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals.  I am passionate about the power of positive touch and social justice.  An increasing desire to help people help themselves led to the founding of Sanctuary Retreats in 2008, and with a background in horticulture & creative arts, Sunfisher Studios launched in 2012 as a place to feed loves of nature, spirit, and creating.  I am committed to growing, sharing and laughing every day. 

Involved in teaching massage from 2004-2015, I have continued my education in neuromuscular therapy, reiki, spiritual healing, aromatherapy, sports massage, and lymphatic drainage therapy.  Massage school changed my life and always love watching the same become true for so many others. Since 2013 I am honored to be an assistant instructor for Timberlake Massage Therapies directly under Carrie Radzik of Defiance Therapeutic Massage.       
If I'm not at the beach or with clients, you can find me in living rooms and coffee shops talking about massage, oils, self-care and life. Although you can just as easily spot me snapping photos or creating something, maybe a commissioned art piece, rejuvenated space, or new classes. 

Whatever it is, I strive to do it with grace and ease. 

One last thing you need to know. I'm not great at answering the phone or returning calls these days. I'm unpacking that with the help of my therapist. In the meanwhile, if you need to reach me by phone it's 740.972.8069. Texting is fastest, email is good too. 

thanks, di. xo  

3474 N. High Street | Columbus, OH 43214
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